bCOOL™ Cordless Handheld Device


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This handheld, battery-operated cooling device is practical and portable for keeping cool in hot environments.


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The Jet H2 Ultra™ is the first professional handheld spraying device that features induction charging technology in the fight against illness-causing bacteria and viruses. With the same germ-killing power as corded sprayers, this cordless, portable device allows the user to be completely mobile for maximum convenience.

Ideal for: Construction workers, Athletes and coaches, Outdoor enthusiasts, Gardeners and landscapers
Anyone who wants to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather

Additional Features:

Electrical Specifications: (P3-BHH1224) 24VDC, ~5A
Charger: 115V
Gross Weight (Product, Battery, & Shipping Box): 10 lbs. (4.5kg)
Invest in your comfort and order your bCOOL™ today!

1 review for bCOOL™ Cordless Handheld Device

  1. Howard

    Bang for your buck, I use this to disinfect classrooms in my line of work & this goes 2-3 weeks before I have to refill the Holder and battery life is very long lasting, i do have 2 with me however so while one needs charging i switch to the other. Great Product

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